Why do people contribute to free sites?

    Why do people contribute to free sites?

  • 1 Knowing that they helped

    Some people are motivated to contribute to free sites when they know that their contribution is going to help a lot of people. People who contribute for Wikipedia for example feel good because they know their contribution will help many people find correct information Why do people link to other sites.

  • 2 Got provoked by incorrect information

    When an expert encounters something wrong, he automatically feels compelled to provide the right information. If someone is well informed about a topic and notices information written about it incorrectly on Wikipedia, he will feel compelled to provide the correct information.

  • 3 The desire to learn

    So many people who contribute to forums or to free sites do it because they want to learn new things. By reading and researching before providing an answer, these people learn a lot about a new topic.

  • 4 Defending a topic that matters

    Women, for example, would do their best to defend women's rights. If a woman saw a post on discrimination against women, there is a very big chance that she will feel like joining the conversation.

  • 5 Seeing your name there

    Recognition comes in many forms, and money isn't the only reward people tend to look for. Some people reported that they love contributing to free to sites like Quora, and seeing their names mentioned.

  • 6 Enjoy being seen as an authority

    When someone is seen as an authority figure his self-esteem gets a boost. People like to demonstrate their knowledge so that others can see that they are experts.

  • 7 Recognition and validation

    Sometimes people contribute to free sites to get positive feedback on their contribution. Whether its a 'Like' or a 'positive comment', a person will feel good about himself when he gets any form of positive recognition.

  • 8 Connecting with people

    Some people reported that they contribute to free sites to expand their social network and to connect with new people.

  • 9 Self-promotion

    Many people contribute to free sites to get a back-link or to achieve some kind of self-promotion.

  • 10 To belong to a community

    People who frequently edit at Wikipedia proudly call themselves 'Wikipedians'. Humans are social beings and joining communities can make people feel better about themselves.

  • 11 Some people like debates

    Some people like to get into debates. Question and answer sites allow them to do so easily, by simply joining an on-going conversation.

  • 12 Some people like to share their ideas and beliefs

    Some people reported that they contribute to free question and answer sites because they like to share their ideas and beliefs. In other words, people want to be heard.