Why do people cyberbully

  • 1 To be popular

    Teenagers or younger kids may cyberbully others as a way of becoming and staying popular.

  • 2 Empowers them

    Teenagers may feel like they're powerful when they cyberbully and hurt others. Cyberbullying feeds their ego. 

  • 3 A coping mechanism

    Kids or teenagers who aren't socially popular may cyberbully others as a way of coping with their low self-esteem. 

  • 4 Fitting in

    Less socially known kids or teenagers may do it as a way of fitting in with the people around them. 

  • 5 Anonymity

    Being able to bully someone anonymously via the internet is one reason that motivates cyberbullies to attack their victims without getting caught. 

  • 6 Don't realize it's hurtful

    In a survey done, 81% of teenagers said they think cyberbullies do what they do because they think it's funny. Others also do it out of boredom. 

  • 7 Peer pressure

    When a person is surrounded by cyberbullies, he/she may think it's a normal and acceptable behavior to cyberbully due to peer pressure. 

  • 8 Motivated by their emotions

    When people, especially kids, are in a state of extreme anger or frustration, they might take it out on innocent victims via the internet. It may also be a way of taking revenge. 

  • 9 They think they're defending others

    Some people might cyberbully because they think it's the right thing to do when a person they know gets hurt/wronged. Thus, they do it as a way of defending their peers.