Why do people develop irrational phobias

    Why do people develop irrational phobias

  • 1 Traumatic childhood experience

    A phobia can be developed if a person has been through a traumatic childhood experience. This could be as simple as developing a phobia of darkness if a mother slammed the door all of a sudden while the child was sitting in the dark.

  • 2 Classical conditioning

    A person can learn to fear an object when seeing the scared response of other people when they interact with that object. If a parent screams when seeing a cat, the child might learn that cats are harmful, and so develop a phobia of cats.

  • 3 Projecting other fears

    Some people fear ghosts because their minds want to help them release some of the real life fears they can't handle. By objectifying the fear into an object, the person can release some of his accumulated feelings of fear.

  • 4 The object symbolizes something scary

    In some cases, women fear cats because they unconsciously think that they represent other females. If a woman is jealous or afraid of her female friends then there is a possibility that she might fear cats just because her subconscious mind made some kind of connection between both.

  • 5 To achieve a certain unconscious psychological goal

    A woman can develop agoraphobia because, unconsciously, she wants to keep her husband beside her because she is too afraid to be cheated on. The mind, in such a case, uses the phobia to control other people and keep them beside her.

  • 6 The feared situation reminds the person of something he dreads

    A man who always wants to be in control might become phobic of flying. In such a case, the subconscious mind of that man dreads loss of control and this is why it lets the man experience such feelings whenever he gets inside a plane.

  • 7 Phobias are very rational to the subconscious mind

    While phobias seem irrational, they are actually very rational to the subconscious mind. When the real reasons behind the phobias are understood, the person can understand why he always feared a certain object or situation (see What does the subconscious mind do).

  • 8 A means of protection

    If a person lacks confidence or believes that he is inferior to others then his mind might develop a social phobia to keep him away from people. By doing so, his mind would ensure that he won't get exposed to others who might see his flaws.

  • 9 The media

    It was uncommon for a person to fear a clown before some of the popular horror movies featuring clowns appeared. Some movies can condition people to fear objects they have never been afraid of before.

  • 10 Fear of death

    Some phobias stem from the fear of death. The fear of certain insects, worms and dead bodies can be rooted to the person's desire to live longer and avoid fatal diseases.

  • 11 Different persons develop same phobias for different reasons

    Different people can develop similar phobias for totally different reasons. It all depends on the way the person sees the world, the object and his personal beliefs. The unique mind of each person can result in unique combinations of fears and phobias.