Why do people fall in love

    Why do people fall in love

  • 1 When a person meets a certain criteria

    People fall in love when they find that a person has met so many of the important items in their love maps. A love map is a collection of conditions formed in the person's subconscious mind as a result of the experiences he goes through in life.

  • 2 Because of unmet needs

    People fall in love with the ones who help them satisfy their important unmet needs. A weak woman might fall in love with a strong man because he helps her satisfy the important need of protection.

  • 3 Built in prefrences

    Women are hard wired to favor resourceful men and masculine men while men are hard wired to favor women with more feminine features such as a low waist to hip ratio.

  • 4 When a person resemble the favored parent

    A man can fall in love with a woman who resembles his mother while a woman can fall in love with a man who resembles her father. Most people won't notice any of these dynamics consciously and so they will just find themselves attracted to certain people without knowing the reason.

  • 5 Men want sex, women want protection

    Studies have shown that men determine their potential partners mostly based on looks. Women on the other hand care about looks but tend to favor strong and protective men over good looking ones if they weren't resourceful.

  • 6 To compensate for their weaknesses

    People can fall in love with others to compensate for their weaknesses.

  • 7 People like the ones who are similar to them

    People fall in love with the ones who are similar to them especially if they like themselves. A woman who likes the fact that she is intelligent might want to be with an intelligent man (see why we like familiarity).

  • 8 Opposites do attract

    A person will usually look for someone who has opposite traits to the ones he hates about himself. If a man didn't like the fact that he is not that smart he might get attracted to smart women.

  • 9 People like the ones who resemble their old love

    If a man liked a woman then she left him he might fall in love with another woman who resembles her physical looks or character.

  • 10 Love addicts fall for attention

    Love addicts or people who have issues that prevent them from staying single usually fall the ones who give them attention and care. Those people are usually vulnerable to players (See why some people seek attention).

  • 11 To finish the unfinished business

    A man who was always rejected by pretty women might only fall in love with pretty women because his subconscious mind wants to finish the past unfinished business of rejection. By winning the heart of a pretty woman that man can achieve the goal of getting over rejection.

  • 12 Many reasons are present together

    People don't fall in love for one or two reasons but its the combination of many conscious and unconscious factors that determines whether a person will fall in love with someone or not.