Why do people feel bad after Masturbation

    Why do people feel bad after Masturbation

  • 1 They believe it's wrong

    Most of the feelings a person experience after Masturbation results from his own beliefs about the habit. The ones who believe that masturbation is wrong , due to religious reasons for example, experience the most intense emotions.

  • 2 Feelings of guilt

    Many people feel guilty after masturbation especially if they believed that its a wrong act. Guilt differs from a person to another and can be very intense in some cases.

  • 3 Feelings of shame

    Some people experience feelings of shame after Masturbating. The feelings result from the belief that the person have done some inappropriate. See why some people are addicted to porn

  • 4 Feeling helpless

    Many people feel helpless after masturbating as a result of believing that they were not able to control themselves or quit such a habit even though they believe it is wrong.

  • 5 Lowered Self esteem

    When a person feels that he constantly fails to break a habit his self esteem gets a hit and as a result he feels bad.

  • 6 Dopamine drop

    Dopamine is a chemical that results in feelings of pleasure during sexual activities. Right after masturbation people experience a sudden drop in dopamine. The feeling can be very unpleasant for some people. See how porn affects the brain.

  • 7 Regret

    After masturbation many people experience feelings of regret as a result of believing that they could have done something to prevent themselves from doing the bad habit. See breaking free from porn addiction.

  • 8 Sudden loss of sexual desire

    The sudden loss of sexual desire that happens allows the negative emotions in the background to surface and become more intense. See why men lose sexual desire after ejaculation.

  • 9 Back to reality

    Many people use masturbation to escape from reality and forget about their problems. As soon as those people masturbate they quickly recall their problems and feel worse.

  • 10 Inferiority feelings

    Feelings of shame can lead to inferiority feelings. When the habit keeps getting repeated the person can end up feeling inferior. See why do people feel inferior.

  • 11 Mixed feelings

    The fact that more than one bad emotion can result from masturbation usually results in mixed feelings that are intense because of their combined effect.