Why do people foster kittens over cats

  • 1 Kittens are cute

    Kittens are very cute, which makes a lot of people like them for no other reason.

  • 2 They are easy to train

    Kittens are a lot easier to train than older cats. 

  • 3 They don't make much of a mess

    Kittens don't make much of a mess, especially with good training.

  • 4 They are clean

    Kittens and cats in general are very clean. The most one would have to do for a kitten is to clean its litter box and its fur if it has long hair.

  • 5 They are playful

    Kittens are very playful, which makes them some of the most lovable pets.

  • 6 They give a sense of devotion

    The devotion one would have to give a kitten is something that makes people feel better about themselves because they are taking care of another being as an act of selflessness.

  • 7 Their purring is soothing

    Kittens purr in a very soothing way that makes people feel very relaxed from the small creature.

  • 8 They make you take care of them

    Kittens force you to take care of them, making you feel like you have to go home just to feed them and play with them. It gives you a sense of commitment.

  • 9 They seek attention

    Kittens, more than cats, always seek attention from their owners, which is something that people really like.

  • 10 They are like children

    Kittens are very much like children in the way they act and behave. However, even as they grow older, they continue to act like children.

  • 11 They are loyal and loving

    Kittens, as long as they recognize their owner, are very loyal and loving despite the popular, opposing belief.

  • 12 They grow with you

    Kittens grow with you as you grow to love them and grow more attached to them.