Why do people get depressed

  • 1 Imbalance in brain chemicals

    Depression can happen when brain chemicals , especially serotonin the happiness hormones, goes out of balance. Stress, Life events and external factors can result in that imbalance (see How emotional abuse affects the Brain).

  • 2 Loss of hope

    When a person loses hope in getting something that really mattered to him depression happens. This is why many people get depressed after breakups. The fact that this relationship was too important to them results in depression (see Video Summary: Overcoming hopelessness )

  • 3 Prolonged Stress

    Prolonged stress can lead to depression. A person who has been living a very stressful life for prolonged periods is at a very high risk of depression.

  • 4 Not pursuing the life goals that matter

    People who ignore their deep needs and stop pursuing the life goals that matter to them usually get depressed. If a Man always wanted to have a private businesses but didn't do it because he was afraid to take the risk then depression might happen.

  • 5 A message from the mind

    The subconscious mind usually uses emotions to motivate people to take certain actions. When a person moves away from something that matters to him his subconscious mind might respond with depression to motivate him to pursue that thing.

  • 6 A protest by the mind

    Depression can be considered a way the mind uses to protest. By making everything unpleasant and tasteless the mind can protest against the loss of something that truly mattered.

  • 7 Environmental conditions trigger chemical changes

    Some psychologists believe that some people are more vulnerable to depression. This group believes that the sudden change in environmental conditions usually affects the ones who are vulnerable the most.

  • 8 Lack of coping skills

    People who don't have good skills might fall a prey to depression when things go wrong. A person who doesn't know what to do after losing his job might get depressed if having a job was too important for him.

  • 9 Winter can make some people depressed

    Some people suffer from seasonal effective disorder (SAD) which is a disorder that makes people experience a bad mood and even depression during autumn and winter.

  • 10 Not getting exposed to sunlight

    Sunlight triggers the release of Serotonin, the happiness hormone. People who don't get enough sunlight might have lower levels of serotonin and so are more likely to get depressed.

  • 11 Unconscious reasons not brought to the surface

    A person can get depressed because of old events that his mind can't bring to the surface. Excessive guilt and past regrets are among the examples of things that cause depression while a person isn't fully consciously aware of their existence.

  • 12 Genetics

    Some psychologists believe that some people are at a higher risk of depression because of their Genes. However it's believed that genes alone can't cause depression unless the external environment (life events) triggers those genes in a certain way.

  • 13 Drugs, smoking and Alcohol

    Some scientists believe that Drugs, smoking and Alcohol lead to depression. There is a debate about whether Drugs, alcohol and smoking cause depression or whether depressed people use them to regulate their mood.

  • 14 Serious prolonged illness

    A serious prolonged illness can result in a lot of stress and dissatisfaction with life thus leading to depression.

  • 15 Giving birth can lead to depression

    Postpartum depression is a condition that affects some women after they give birth where the hormones in their body change resulting in depression. It's believed that this disorder happened because of physical and psychological changes that happen to a woman after giving birth.

  • 16 Trauma or loss of a beloved person

    Trauma or the death of a loved family member can also cause depression. People who path through traumatic events are usually at a high risk of developing depression.