Why do some people hate Justin Bieber

    Why do some people hate Justin Bieber

  • 1 Jealousy

    Justin Bieber is rich, famous, young and has many things that most people don't have. People usually feel jealous of others who have more things than they do. Because Bieber's character is controversial, people looking for reasons to hate him found so many ones.

  • 2 To feel superior

    People hate it when they see someone who has more resources than them. To instantly feel superior some people try to put that person down.

  • 3 To demonstrate masculinity

    Some people claim that they hate Justin Bieber because he looks feminine. People usually hate the things that remind them of their own weaknesses. A man who is not 100% sure of his masculinity might hate any person who looks feminine just because he is too scared to become like him.

  • 4 Because he is young & succesful

    Bieber isn't just so successful but he is also very young, a deadly combination that can motivate so many people to hate a person.

  • 5 Reckless behaviour

    Some people hated Bieber as soon as he got popular, but the fact that he showed reckless behavior gave the ones who wanted to hate him logical reasons to do so. 

  • 6 High pitched voice

    The high pitched voice Bieber had in his early years sounded very feminine. People who want to demonstrate masculinity usually hate anything that reminds them of femininity.

  • 7 Because he is very popular that people are forced to come across him

    Because Justin Bieber is so popular, people are sometimes forced to see his pictures or hear his music by accident. When someone comes across something he already hates many times he will certainly hate it more.

  • 8 Irresponsible behaviour

    Bieber has been caught doing so many irresponsible actions. These actions gave people more reasons to hate him.

  • 9 He criticized metal-heads & popular bands

    Bieber criticized the Beatles, Metallica and metal-heads. An action that triggered the wrath of the millions of fans who love those bands.

  • 10 Gets attention but not considered the ideal man

    Some males hate Justin Bieber because they don't think he deserves the fame or the attention he is currently getting.

  • 11 Annoying voice

    Some people find Justin's Bieber's voice very annoying and that's why they don't like him.

  • 12 Because some girls idolize him

    Some girls, usually young teens, idolize him. This sparks jealousy among other teens and because Bieber's personality is very controversial haters can easily find reasons to hate him.

  • 13 He gets a lot of attention

    People hate others when they impact their lives in a negative way. Some people hate Bieber because he gets the attention they want to get. If a pretty girl shares Justin Bieber's photo, a male friend might get jealous because he wants that attention (See why some people crave attention).