Why do people hit and run

    Why do people hit and run

  • 1 Because the punishment is severe

    Some people decide to run after an accident because they're afraid of getting a severe punishment, which depends on every country's laws.

  • 2 They don't have insurance

    Some people hit and run because they don't have insurance to cover the costs of the damage they did. 

  • 3 They don't want to get in trouble

    People who hit and run might do so because they don't want to get in trouble with the police or their family if they are young.

  • 4 They weren't in their right mind

    People who hit and run may be intoxicated, which is the reason they fail to stop. 

  • 5 They are criminals

    Criminals often commit hit and run accidents when they're trying to run away from the police or escape certain people.

  • 6 They're concerned about their social status

    Some people are too concerned about the way they will appear to the people around them if they are punished for a hit and run, which is why they might escape instead.

  • 7 They blame the victim

    Some people might not stop after a hit and run because they think the victim or the person who got hit got in their way and wasn't paying enough attention to the road. 

  • 8 They have a bad driving record

    If a person already has a bad driving record, they might not stop after an accident so as not to make their driving record worse and receive a more severe punishment. See Why do people text and drive

  • 9 They don't want to claim responsibility

    Hitting another person or a car and fleeing the scene means this person doesn't want to claim responsibility for the accident, especially if it's a serious one. 

  • 10 They are young and immature

    Young adults or teenagers are sometimes at fault for committing a hit and run. Not stopping to see what happened and take responsibility for their actions may be due to the fact that they're young and immature.

  • 11 They panic

    Hitting someone with your car is a scary situation. Some people may panic and become unable to stop the car and end up fleeing the scene. 

  • 12 They were brought up this way

    Some people are brought up without being learned the values of honesty and taking responsibility for the negative actions. In this case, a person might hit and run because they lack these morals. 

  • 13 They are ashamed

    Shame and guilt can be a reason behind failing to stop the car after hitting someone. 

  • 14 They don't have a license

    A person may not stop after an accident if they don't have a driver's license and are driving illegally. 

  • 15 Due to the flight or fight instinct

    Some people may flee the scene of the accident due to the fight or flight response of their brain.