Why do people keep pets

  • 1 To keep them from getting lonely

    Some people get pets because they don't want to feel lonely if they live alone or just recently moved to a new place.

  • 2 They're comforting

    Some people like cuddling with cats or dogs and some people even talk to them because they find them comforting.

  • 3 To reduce stress

    Having a pet at home can reduce stress by acting as a distraction from the person's problems.

  • 4 To enhance their mood

    Researches have found that keeping pets can help alleviate a sick person's mood and help them recover. 

  • 5 For safety

    Some people keep dogs as pets to guard their home from thieves or intruders.

  • 6 They're not very social

    Some people who aren't very social might keep a pet, as they like their company more than humans.

  • 7 To rescue the animal

    Some people rescue animals from the street, treat them if they're injured and keep them as pets.

  • 8 To show off

    Some rich people buy animals that are exotic or very expensive to keep as pets for the sake of showing off their wealth.

  • 9 For practice

    Some people who consider having children might get a pet first to practice taking care of another being. 

  • 10 They couldn't have pets as children

    Some people keep pets at an old age because they were unable to have pets as children, whether due to house rules or any other reason.

  • 11 They help deal with depression

    Some people find having a pet a good way of dealing with depression and making life easier.

  • 12 It makes them feel loved

    Pets can make a person feel loved with their cuddles and desire to be petted, which can motivate a person to get one.