Why do people keep photos

    Why do people keep photos

  • 1 To keep the memories

    Many people keep specific photos in order to keep a certain memory. Those people keep those photos to remember the good moments they experienced in the past.

  • 2 To remember certain people

    Many people keep photos of their friends and relatives who passed away so that they can remember them. Those people usually look at those photos from time to time to recall the memories.

  • 3 To capture moments

    According to psychologists, people take photos to capture certain moments and prevent them from ever going away. By taking a photo, a person can keep a certain memory forever. See why some people take so many pictures.

  • 4 To record achievements

    Some people keep photos in order to document their achievements in life. Those people can later show those photos to others to let them know about those achievements.

  • 5 To feel good

    Most people feel good when they recall the happy moments they had in life. Photos quickly help people to recall those moments and so allows them to experience happiness. See why do we become nostalgic.

  • 6 To remember certain places

    Pictures can instantly allow people to remember the memories they had in certain places. People who love to travel usually keep pictures to document their travels.

  • 7 To act as logs

    Some people keep photos in order to keep a log of their lives and the activities that they did.

  • 8 To share them with others

    Many people keep photos in order to share them later with others. When a certain memory is important for a person, the person feels like sharing it with others. See why do people share photos on social networks.

  • 9 To show off

    Some people keep pictures in order to show off their achievements to others.