Why do people keep pictures of their exes

  • 1 They still have feelings for them

    If a person still has feelings for their exes then they might keep their pictures. A person in such a case might be hoping that the relationship with the ex is restored.

  • 2 To keep the good memories

    Some people keep photos of their exes to remember the good memories they had together. While the person might be over their ex, they might still want to keep the good memory.

  • 3 The relationship ended peacefully

    If the relationship ended peacefully without serious fights then people might choose to keep photos of their exes instead of getting rid of them.

  • 4 To show off

    Some people keep photos of their exes on social networks to show off their ability to attract attractive people. This usually happens if the ex was considered attractive. See also why people share photos on social networks.

  • 5 They wish to get back

    Keeping pictures of the exes can be a sign that might indicate that the person still has hopes of getting back to their ex.

  • 6 They get nostalgic

    A person can keep a picture of their ex if they get nostalgic. This means that the person might at some points miss their ex and experience some kind of nostalgia. See also why some people take many pictures.

  • 7 They are not satisfied with the relationship

    A person could also keep a picture of their ex if they are not fully satisfied with their current relationship. A person might thus keep making comparisons between the two relationships.

  • 8 They are on good terms with them

    Even if the person doesn't have feelings for the ex, they might keep their photos if the relationship with them was good. In such a case, the person might keep the photo on social networks but not in their wallets or drawers.

  • 9 To use them against them

    Some people keep photos of their exes in order to use them against them. In such a case. the person might still want to take revenge against their ex.