Why do people like Dahab, Egypt

  • 1 For the beautiful scenery

    Dahab is one of the most beautiful places in Egypt, according to both Egyptians and tourists.

  • 2 Because of the weather

    The weather in Dahab is beautiful, according to the regular visitors of the area. Even when it's sunny there, the weather is still tolerable and good.

  • 3 Because of the sea

    Dahab is a great location that overlooks the Red Sea which is known to be a great point for many sea related activities. 

  • 4 It's a good location to hike

    Dahab is located in the Sinai desert, which makes it a good spot for hiking, especially with the wide deserts and the valleys there.

  • 5 It has beautiful coral reefs

    The Red Sea is known for the beautiful coral reefs in it, which are everywhere in Dahab.

  • 6 It's a great spot for snorkeling

    Snorkeling in Dahab is beautiful because of the clearance of the sea and the visibility under water.

  • 7 It's a good location for scuba diving

    In Dahab, diving is one of the most popular sports. People from all over the world go there to dive.

  • 8 It's a spot for freediving

    Freediving is a relatively new sport, and Dahab became one of its homes. A lot of people go to Dahab to train on freediving.

  • 9 Life there is simple

    Life in Dahab is very simple without much complications. Transportation is easy there and there is never any traffic jams.

  • 10 It's relatively empty

    Despite being a touristic attraction in Egypt, Dahab is relatively empty from crowds except for national holidays, but even then, it isn't too crowded.

  • 11 The people there are nice

    Dahab citizens are very nice and helpful.

  • 12 It's close to other touristic attractions

    Dahab is close to other touristic attractions such as Saint Catherine and Sharm el-Sheikh.