Why do people like Spider-Man?

  • 1 His alter ego is appealing

    Spider-Man's alter ego represents the nerdy teenager who doesn't have anything special about him.

  • 2 He faces a lot of problems

    Spider-Man is by no means the strongest superhero. He faces adversity a lot and he manages to get over it, adapts and overcomes bad situations.

  • 3 He's young

    Most of the characters from DC and Marvel are grown-ups. However, Spider-Man (in most story arcs) presents a high schooler.

  • 4 He's not naturally charming

    One of the reasons why Spider-Man is so popular among comic-book fans is how he isn't so charming with women. He struggles to grab Mary Jane's attention throughout the movies and comics. Those romantic obstacles make him more appealing.

  • 5 He is funny

    Spider-Man is funny, as he makes outrageous comments and mimics his villains in an obvious way. People like funny characters like Deadpool because they provide a comic relief.

  • 6 He's from New York

    Spider-Man is from New York, which makes him easy to relate to, being a normal teenager.

  • 7 He has a sad backstory

    While the Spider bite that transforms Peter Parker into Spider-Man is nothing to be sad about, he has only permanently took the superhero character because of the death of his uncle.

  • 8 He makes wrong choices

    Spider-Man is no stranger to making mistakes. Perhaps one of the biggest mistakes that he's done is letting a thief walk out when he could have stopped him. That was the thief who killed his uncle.

  • 9 He's intelligent

    Perhaps the biggest pro for Spider-Man aside from the Spider-like powers is his intelligence even before the mutation that happened to him. He was always a smart teenager who was made fun of. He inheritted the genius from his father (depending on the story origin).

  • 10 He walks among the Avengers

    The Avengers have a great list of bigger than life superheroes like the Hulk, Captain America and Iron Man. However, Spider-Man is the closest representation of a normal person.