Why do people like certain posts on Facebook

    Why do people like certain posts on Facebook

  • 1 Emotionally provoking to a certain extent

    When a post emotionally provokes a person in a positive way he will like it. If the emotions exceed a certain limit then this person is more likely to share the post. See why people share certain posts on social networks.

  • 2 Emotionally provoking but can't be shared

    If a person gets emotionally provoked by a certain positive post that can't be shared, such as the profile picture of a friend, then this person might only like the post.

  • 3 It suports their point of view

    People like posts that support their beliefs, opinions and points of view.  

  • 4 To connect with the one who made the post

    Sometimes the main reason for liking a post is to connect with the person who actually created the post. In such a case, the person uses the like as a means to get closer to the one who made the post. See also why Facebook is so addictive.

  • 5 The person is on good terms with you

    A person would hardly like your post even if he isn't on good terms with you. Many people look for the name of the person who made the post before liking it.

  • 6 To compliment others

    Some people click like on certain posts to compliment their friends, relatives or the ones they like.

  • 7 A person is interested in you

    In some cases, a person can like many of the posts created by the one they are interested in. See signs that someone likes you.

  • 8 The post resulted in a positive emotion

    A person is very likely to like any post that results in a positive emotion. See also why Facebook is so negative.

  • 9 To express admiration

    A person usually likes a post to express admiration of the post's content.