Why do people like freediving

  • 1 It's a natural sport

    Freediving is a natural sport that has been practiced for ages before becoming a professional sport.

  • 2 It doesn't involve equipment

    Freediving doesn't include tanks or other heavy equipment. This makes the sport very simple and easy.

  • 3 It needs practice

    People work on themselves when they practice freediving to reach greater depths and last longer under the water.

  • 4 It includes meditation

    There is a lot of meditation involved in freediving. That kind of meditation is rare to obtain with other sports.

  • 5 It includes visualization

    Visualization in freediving is very important. It breaks the mental limits of some people, which makes them like the sport even more.

  • 6 It makes you feel free

    A lot of professional freedivers claim that freediving makes them feel very free and in their natural place.

  • 7 It changes people to the better

    A lot of freedivers have claimed that freediving has changed them to better people with all of the hard work they put into the sport.

  • 8 People never freedive alone

    Freedivers never go on free dives alone because a partner is always required as one of its rules to provide safety when needed.

  • 9 Because of the sea

    Some people love to dive because of the feeling they get under water. They also like to see the sea life and the coral reefs and freediving gives them the freedom to do so without using equipment.