Why do people like horror games

    Why do people like horror games

  • 1 They like horror movies

    People who already like horror movies tend to find horror games interesting. In such a case, the fact that the person can experience the events himself and even control them can make the game more exciting than a horror movie.

  • 2 They create feelings of suspense

    People who like horror games might get bored easily of games that are not exciting. Those thrill seekers usually find the element of suspense they are looking for in a horror game.

  • 3 They are thrill seekers

    According to psychologists, some people are considered thrill seekers or sensation seekers. Those people usually require a more intense dose of adrenaline to feel good.

  • 4 They are fun to watch

    Horror games are both fun to watch and play. This makes them very suitable for groups of players looking to spend time together.

  • 5 Experiencing thrill in a safe enviroment

    People like horror movies and games because they allow them to get the maximum thrill while knowing that they are perfectly safe. Those bittersweet emotions are considered very exciting to some people.

  • 6 They like the concept of survival

    Many people find the concept of survival so appealing. Because horror games are usually based around survival, some people find them very exciting. See why many people liked Resident evil.

  • 7 More control than a horror movie

    Horror movie fans still can't control the events of a horror movie, but when it comes to horror games the player can actually control the events and so get a more intense experience.

  • 8 Defeating the scary entities

    In many horror movies, every person the viewer identifies with dies or fails to defeat the evil force. Horror games, on the other hand, give players the chance to defeat evil in the game. According to psychologists, this makes the person feel more satisfied and confident.

  • 9 Their lives are not exciting

    According to one theory, people might seek excitement when their lives are not that exciting already. In such a case, the person tries to artificially create the sense of excitement he lacks.

  • 10 More social interaction

    During a horror movie people usually remain silent, but while playing a horror game friends can discuss everything related to the game including the different strategies. The social element can make the game more exciting than a horror movie.