Why do people like horror stories

    Why do people like horror stories

  • 1 Adrenaline rush

    The Adrenaline rush people experience while listening to scary stories can produce pleasant feelings. Some people were found to enjoy those feelings more than others.

  • 2 Boredom

    The things we like reflect our important unmet needs. If we feel bored or if we are going though a boring phase in our life then we are more likely to feel like hearing horror stories.

  • 3 To explore the unknown

    Curiosity can be the main drive behind wanting to hear horror stories. Since horror stories are sometimes believed to be based on real life events, some people are curious to know them in detail.

  • 4 To prove them wrong

    Sometimes the main reason behind wanting to hear such stories is the unconscious desire to prove them wrong. Some people don't believe in such stories and like to hear them to find flaws in them.

  • 5 To test their courage

    Some people like to hear horror stories or read horror books to test their own courage or to teach themselves how to not get scared.

  • 6 Thrill can produce dopamine

    Dopamine is a chemical that is released when we anticipate rewards. Dopamine is also released during sex and other pleasurable activities. Dopamine is responsible for some of the addictive habits people develop.

  • 7 Intensifies happy emotions

    Studies have found that happy emotions are intensified right after a person experiences an adrenaline rush. This means that if a person watches a horror movie then spends some good time with friends, he will enjoy that time even more. The opposite is also true.

  • 8 Controlled thrill

    We only enjoy horror movies and stories when we know that we are safe. This type of controlled thrill can lead to excitement that is not accompanied by anxiety or worry (See why do people like horror movies).

  • 9 Novelty

    We easily get bored of routine, and horror stories are anything but predictable. The human mind craves novelty, and such stories are full of new and unexpected things.