Why do people like music

    Why do people like music

  • 1 Music changes the mood

    Music has a powerful effect on the mood. Many people don't listen to music just to enjoy it, but they have the goal of pushing away unwanted emotions as well.

  • 2 Release of dopamine

    Dopamine is a chemical that is released when a reward is anticipated. It's released when we have sex or use drugs. Dopamine has a dramatic impact on the mood. Music has been linked to the release of Dopamine, according to some studies.

  • 3 Resonates with a person's feelings

    People want to be understood and acknowledged. Music can provide people with those needs by resonating with their emotions. This is why sad people might enjoy listening to sad songs.

  • 4 Forcing the mind into certain directions

    The brain can sometimes be very wild and hard to control. Unwanted negative thoughts can easily attack a person and make him sad. Music can force the brain to think in a certain direction and thus result in a controlled change of emotions.

  • 5 The brain loves rhythm

    The human brain loves rhythm. If the music has a good rhythm, the brain finds it easier to process than normal sounds. As a general rule, what's easier for the brain to process is usually found more pleasant.

  • 6 Certain brain areas are activated

    One study has found that music activates certain brain areas that are associated with euphoric stimuli such as sex and drugs (See also what makes a game addictive).

  • 7 It matches past patterns

    Another study has found that we find music rewarding to our brain when it matches some of the old patterns we have already stored in our memories. Even if a person listens to a new song, his brain will try to find out if parts of that song matches older patterns (See also why we become nostalgic).

  • 8 Reaffirms our beliefs

    People love to listen to tracks that reaffirm their beliefs and make them feel right. Even if the track has no vocals, the brain interprets the music and gives it a certain meaning. If that meaning matches our beliefs, we will enjoy the music.

  • 9 It's a form of expressive therapy

    Expressive therapy is a form of therapy that allows people to express bad emotions to dispose of them. Music is one form of expressing therapy. By listening to sad music a person is actually expressing his sadness and venting his suppressed emotions.

  • 10 Good distraction

    When people are burdened with problems or unwanted thoughts they can use music to distract themselves. This method usually results in a quick but temporary mood change.