Why do people like Saw movies

    Why do people like Saw movies

  • 1 Justified punishment

    Normal People hate violence and gore but tend to have double standards when they believe that someone deserves punishment. Most of the victims in saw movies are people who committed real bad things and so their punishment is justified to many people (See why people have double standards).

  • 2 Helping people explore the limits of what they can do

    Will you cut your arm off in order to survive? Or will you let yourself die? Because the movie asks very interesting questions and pushes people to the limit, so many people find it extremely interesting.

  • 3 Instructs people to appreciate life

    'Most people are so ungrateful to be alive'; that's a famous quote that was repeated in the Saw series more than once. While the movie has a lot of violence and gore, it tries to help people appreciate the lives they are living.

  • 4 Very interesting plot

    Instead of putting two victims who don't know each other together, usually two enemies or people who hate each other are put in one room and asked to kill each other. This can raise many moral questions, in addition to making the plot very interesting.

  • 5 Feeling good about oneself

    Right After someone sees others suffering he unconsciously feels good about himself because he doesn't suffer as much. Saw movies allow people to feel more powerful and in control (See also why some people like violent movies).

  • 6 Identifying with the last survivor

    In a Saw movie there is usually a person who makes it to the end, goes through all traps and escapes safely. People usually identify with the last survivor and as a result gain more self-esteem.

  • 7 Very complex plot

    Unlike other horror movies that have a simple plot, Saw movies have a very complex plot that revolves around mortality, going lengths to survive and answering some important moral questions. This makes the movie interesting, novel and more appealing than other horror movies.

  • 8 The soundtrack is very appealing

    The movie's main soundtrack is very interesting. In addition to the interesting trailer, the sound track helped people become more excited about seeing the movie (See why do people like music).

  • 9 Very scary and thrilling

    Saw combines both intense horror with a thrilling plot. Most people get an adrenaline rush while watching the movie and so they find it more enjoyable (See why people like horror movies).