Why do people like the Resident Evil game?

    Why do people like the Resident Evil game?

  • 1 A horror movie in the form of a game

    Horror movie fans usually find Resident Evil very interesting. They don't just get to watch, but they also get to participate in the action themselves.

  • 2 Epic graphics

    When Resident Evil 1 was released, the graphics were nothing like what people were used to at the time. This made the game even more realistic than it already was.

  • 3 Very mysterious

    The plot is extremely mysterious, especially Resident Evil 1 where you don't really get to understand what's going on before hours of game-play. The strange creatures that appear in your way make the game even more mysterious.

  • 4 Very realistic plot

    Resident Evil is a perfect mixture of realistic game-play with an array of extremely mysterious creatures. The plot doesn't underestimate the players' minds and it provides them with a logical storyline that helps them find the game very realistic.

  • 5 Zombie fans find the game interesting

    The game is all about fighting zombies, plus some other weird creatures. People who love zombie movies usually find the game extremely interesting.

  • 6 Very good character design

    The characters in the game don't differ much from real movie stars. They look stunning, realistic and have very attractive personalities.

  • 7 The right weapons and the right effects

    In so many games the weapons don't look or sound as real as they do in Resident Evil. There is a wide array of weapons, ranging from small, not so effective pistols to grenade launchers that blow large monsters into pieces.

  • 8 Thrilling game-play

    The game-play of Resident Evil is very thrilling. You walk in a world infested with zombies, you meet people unexpectedly, you look for survivors and some people die in front of you while others turn into zombies.

  • 9 Needs a very high IQ

    Resident Evil is full of puzzles that are very hard to solve unless the player is very intelligent. The satisfaction a person gets when he cracks a mysterious code or understands a complex puzzle motivates him to play even more and more.

  • 10 Fear and excitment

    The game is so realistic that some fans prefer not to play it alone because they get scared. Some players call their friends, gather in front of the screen and explore the scary game together.