Why do people like the Uncharted game series

    Why do people like the Uncharted game series

  • 1 The game is very realistic

    Unlike so many action games that don't imitate real life action, the Uncharted game series gives people the feeling that they are in the middle of very real events. The weapons, the way they are used and the game-play contribute to making the game seem so real.

  • 2 Loaded with action

    The game is loaded with action. The variety of weapons, their sounds and graphics make the action seem so real. People who love gun fights usually find Uncharted one of the most interesting third person shooting games.

  • 3 So many different vehicles

    The game doesn't stop at shooting but it allows you to ride so many different things and vehicles. In Uncharted, you can ride horses, cars, bikes and even battle against tanks. This makes the game seem like an action movie (See why mad max movies are popular).

  • 4 Perfect 3D graphics

    The 3D graphics of the game look so real that you feel you are watching a movie. This makes the game seem even more realistic.

  • 5 Characters look so real

    With each release of a new version of Uncharted, the characters look more and more realistic. Because they are neatly made, people can easily identify with those characters and develop emotional connections with them.

  • 6 Jumping and climbing like no other game

    So many games include jumping and climbing but Uncharted took those actions to a different level. Sometimes you climb so high that you see the people below as ant-like figures, and experience an adrenaline rush.

  • 7 Fighting in war zones

    In addition to the intense shooting action, some gun fights in the game happen in the middle of war zones. This intensifies the action even more and gets the players totally absorbed in the game.

  • 8 Very interesting plot and story-line

    Uncharted isn't one of those aimless shooting games. Rather, it has a very interesting plot and story-line. Combined with all other elements, this makes the game look more like an action movie.

  • 9 Travelling all around the world

    The game takes you to so many different areas that are totally different from each other. You will go through jungles, temples, cities, large ships, deserts, mountains and the list goes on.

  • 10 Very complex puzzles

    The game has some very complex puzzles that require a lot of thinking and a relatively high IQ to get solved. It's not just about shooting and jumping but it's also about thinking.

  • 11 Group fights

    On many occasions in the game, you will have to fight evil gangs with a full group of friends. While you control one character, the other characters move around, help you kill people and have your back.