Why do people like zombie movies

    Why do people like zombie movies

  • 1 Identifying with survivors

    Most people usually identify with movie heroes. In other words, they become one with those heroes. When people watch zombie movies they gain confidence because they believe they are strong survivors who managed to stay alive while all others died.

  • 2 They feel in control

    In most horror movies the evil spirit is undefeatable, but in zombie movies the zombies are usually killed. This gives people who watch those movies a sense of being in control and this allows them to feel more confident.

  • 3 New world

    One of the main reasons people like to watch movies is that they allow them to safely escape to a new world that is not by any means connected to their stressful world. Zombie movies allow people to live this experience fully, and easily helps them escape from stress.

  • 4 Feel good about themseleves

    Right after watching a few episodes of 'The walking dead' some people start to appreciate the little good things they have in their lives. When we see people suffering, from lack of food, for example, we feel blessed because we realize we don't have those problems (See striving to feel superior).

  • 5 They target the ancient reptilian brain

    Long ago, man used to hide in caves from predators. Our ancient brain is that of a hunter and a caveman. Zombie movies remind men of their original identities and help them bond with their reptilian brain.

  • 6 It feels good to know the world no longer exists

    If a person feels bad because of his boss or the taxes he has to pay then he can easily forget about all that when he lives a new scenario where his troubles no longer exist. In other words, some people enjoy those movies because they mark the end of all of their current pain.

  • 7 Learning new skills

    People can learn a lot of new survival skills by watching a good zombie movie. Learning how to build a shelter, scout for food or create weapons out of any available object are all examples of skills a person can easily learn by watching such movies.

  • 8 They get scared of the unknown

    Horror movies usually feature mysterious souls and creatures, but in zombie movies the enemy is already known beforehand. The way to kill a zombie by shooting its head is also known to most people. This makes people who fear the unknown feel more comfortable.

  • 9 The thrill

    Zombie movies can be very thrilling, especially when heroes barricade houses, hide inside them and watch the savage world through a broken window. The setup of zombie movies, when done right, can be very thrilling to most people (See also why some people like horror movies).

  • 10 More realistic than horror movies

    Logical thinkers might find zombie movies more realistic than horror movies. After all, it's just a virus that caused a gene mutation, not some kind of a mysterious evil spirit that possesses human bodies.