Why do people love Mortal Kombat

    Why do people love Mortal Kombat

  • 1 The sounds were very realistic

    At a time where most games didn't have spoken sounds, Mortal Kombat's characters had very famous and realistic phrases that were very memorable.

  • 2 The game was very mysterious

    The game's plot, story-line, characters and battle arenas all combined made the game seem so mysterious and interesting compared to other predictable and boring games.

  • 3 Characters resembled real hereos

    You love Bruce lee? Then you would have found Leo Kang very interesting. You are into ninjas? Then Scorpion or Sub Zero would impress you. You love magic? Then Raiden and Chang Tsung will help you find what you are looking for.

  • 4 It was a hit on arcade before moving to consoles

    Before Mortal Kombat was available on game consoles it was a very popular arcade game. When it became possible to enjoy such a popular game in homes the game became even more popular.

  • 5 The graphics were very realistic back then

    Mortal Kombat featured very realistic looking characters when it first appeared. Compared to most games present at that time, the graphics were much more realistic and so the game was very engaging. 

  • 6 The game had realistic human looking characters

    Most of Mortal Kombat's characters were portrayed by real actors. This made the game seem much more serious than similar games that had cartoonish looking characters such as Street Fighter.

  • 7 People could easily identify with the game's characters

    The game had so many realistic characters, it was easy for people to identify with them and find a character that represents their desires and needs.

  • 8 Allows people to release their violence in a safe way

    Mortal Kombat is full of violence and gore. This allows people to release frustration, stress and violence in a safe way.

  • 9 Fatalities and self-esteem

    In Mortal Kombat, players weren't just able to defeat their opponents but they were also able to crush them with fatalities. Fatalities gave players a self-esteem boost since they intensify the emotional boost a person gets after he wins.

  • 10 Controlled violence

    Unlike violent or gore movies where a person doesn't know what is about to happen, Mortal Kombat provided an environment where a person can experience controlled violence. After all, the player is the one who kicks, spills blood and kills.

  • 11 The graphics were way ahead of time

    Mortal Kombat's graphics were way ahead of time when the game was first released. This helped the game stand out and have a distinctive identity.

  • 12 The characters were extremely interesting

    The game's characters were extremely interesting. Some characters such as Scorpion or Subzero became popular icons.

  • 13 The special moves were very creative

    Scorpion's 'get over here', Subzero's Ice and Raiden's teleport move were among the tens of exciting and creative moves the characters made.