Why do people love the movie Troy

    Why do people love the movie Troy

  • 1 War like never seen before

    The movie troy has some epic war scenes with large numbers of soldiers and ships that are hardly ever seen in any other war movie. The battles of troy were carefully made to be different from the battles seen in most other movies.

  • 2 Romance

    So many people, especially women, love the movies for the romance. From the beginning till the end the love story of Paris and Helen dominates the movie. Most of the movie's events were a result of that love story.

  • 3 Ambition

    The movie's main theme is Heroes, or people who do extraordinary things in life and are remembered for centuries after they die. This concept is extremely appealing to ambitious people. The movie's soundtrack 'Remember me' makes that concept even clearer.

  • 4 Very attractive characters

    The characters of Troy are very attractive inside and out. So many of Troy's fans developed crushes for months on some of the main characters. The characters weren't just physically beautiful but they also had interesting and unique personalities.

  • 5 Honor, greatness and other values

    The movie brings to surface some of the great and noble values people fight for. The movie can inspire courage, ambition and the desire to be great.

  • 6 Power

    Some people got attracted to the movie because they wanted to be powerful in life. Some of the characters in the movie, especially Achilles, demonstrated extreme power and dominance that many males long for.

  • 7 Heroism

    Heroism in troy appeared at its peak. Brave men fought large numbers of soldiers on their own without thinking for a second about death. Most people want to feel like heroes and the movie feeds that desire.

  • 8 Realism

    The movie is unlike 300 Spartans, which was also popular. Some people don't like unrealistic war movies that contain mysterious creatures. Instead, these people prefer real battles with human opponents.

  • 9 Clothes

    The clothes were very smartly selected. Not only did people love the way Achilles fought, but they also loved everything about him, including his clothes and weapons. See Troy Movie Explanation.