Why do people post food pictures on social networks

  • 1 To show off their status

    Food can in some cases be a reflection of social status. A person who eats expensive food might feel like showing off their status to their friends, which is why this person might post pictures of their food online.

  • 2 To show off health

    Many people post pictures of healthy food to show off the healthy lifestyle they are living. Those people post food pictures on social media to show off their healthy lifestyle.

  • 3 They are fitness trainers

    Fitness trainers develop the habit of posting pictures of their healthy food as a part of the healthy lifestyle they promote to others.

  • 4 Food is very important to them

    According to psychologists, people take pictures of the things that are very important to them. People who post pictures of food might thus be obsessed with food in their lives. See why some people take too many pictures.

  • 5 It's a sign of mental illness

    According to a Canadian mental health expert, people who take too many pictures of food might have some kind of a mental illness and some kind of an unhealthy weight disorder.

  • 6 To express their love of food

    Some people take pictures of food to express their strong love for food. People who do so might be food addicts and might be having other self-regulation problems related to food.

  • 7 It makes the food taste better

    According to a study, engaging in some kind of a ritual before eating, especially if it involves others, can make the food taste better since the person can appreciate it more.

  • 8 Unhealthy preoccupation with food

    According to experts, people who take pictures of food all the time might be suffering from an unhealthy preoccupation with food and related weight disorders.

  • 9 To capture the moment

    Some people take pictures of very good looking food in order to capture the moment before it ends. Those people take pictures of food to keep the good memory before the food is eaten. See also why some people find baby pictures annoying.

  • 10 To show off their cooking skills

    Some people post food pictures on social networks in order to show off their cooking skills. Those people are very likely to be obsessed with food as well.