Why do people scratch their heads in thought

  • 1 It shows they are thinking

    People scratch their heads when they want to show that they are in the process of thinking.

  • 2 It expresses their lack of knowledge

    Another reason why people scratch their heads when they are confused is to show that feeling without having to say it out loud.

  • 3 They get shy

    People feel that their skin is getting hot when they are shy whether because of an embarrassing thought or question. This makes them scratch their heads.

  • 4 To relieve stress

    The human mind makes the thought of scratching the head work when they are under pressure or stress.

  • 5 Because of the blood rush

    The blood rush emerges when a thought is developing in the brain, which causes the skin of the scalp to feel the rush and the itch that comes with it.

  • 6 It's an automatic response

    It is an automatic response when the brain is taking a while to process a thought or an answer.

  • 7 It is because of the media

    Movies, cartoons and other sorts of media show that people scratch their heads when they are in thought, which is something that we develop subconsciously and begin to imitate.

  • 8 It's originally a Greek myth

    It is originally a Greek myth that said that when a god wanted to be all knowing, he went to a magician to give him a potion to rub on his head when he wanted to know something.