Why do people skydive

  • 1 Because of the adrenaline rush

    Some people like feeling an adrenaline rush when doing something dangerous or scary, which pushes some people to go skydiving. 

  • 2 They want to experience free falling

    Some people go skydiving because they want to experience the feeling of being suspended in the air, which is the closest thing a man can get to flying.

  • 3 They want to view the earth from far above

    Some people skydive because they want to see how earth looks like from the sky. 

  • 4 They want to use a parachute

    Some people go skydiving to experience using a parachute for the first time. 

  • 5 They are thrill seekers

    Some people enjoy going through thrilling experiences and always want to go on new adventures, which is one reason some people decide to skydive.

  • 6 It is a sport

    Some people take up skydiving as a sport, as they find it interesting in many ways. 

  • 7 It boosts the ego

    Some people seek to get an ego boost by going skydiving, as it makes them look fearless and brave. 

  • 8 To appeal to the opposite sex

    Some people go skydiving to appear brave and courageous to the opposite sex. 

  • 9 They're bored of routine

    Some people decide to skydive to break the cycle of their boring routine and add something interesting and fun to their lives. 

  • 10 To conquer their fear

    Some people go skydiving to conquer their fear of heights and falling. 

  • 11 To show off

    Since skydiving is a unique experience that not many people do, some people decide to skydive so they have something to brag about in front of their friends.