Why do people stream TV series

  • 1 They have a wider variety to choose from

    Almost all TV series are available online, which gives the viewer a wider variety to choose from than TV channels that only screen certain shows. 

  • 2 No ads

    Many people resort to online streaming to avoid having to sit through commercials on TV channels.

  • 3 Streaming services are on the rise

    Netflix is one example of a streaming service that is on the rise and taking over traditional TV channels, as it's easily accessible, features a large collection of movies and series and is not very expensive. 

  • 4 They can watch them anywhere

    Streaming services allow viewers to watch series wherever they are since they can use their laptops or mobiles to stream shows.

  • 5 They can watch old TV shows

    One of the advantages of online streaming is the ability to watch old TV shows that no longer air on television. 

  • 6 They don't want to pay for it

    People who don't want to pay money to watch a certain show stream them online. 

  • 7 They're not subscribed to the TV channel

    Some TV channels such as HBO need paid subscription to watch its shows. People who don't want to pay for these channels find it easier to stream their shows. 

  • 8 Channels are not available in their country

    Some channels such as HBO and CBS are only available in certain countries, which makes people who don't have access to them stream their TV shows online. 

  • 9 They don't like watching TV

    Some people like watching TV series but don't like sitting in front of a TV, which is why they prefer to stream them online and watch them on their laptop.

  • 10 To catch up on what they missed

    If someone misses an episode that is screened on TV, they can easily find it online and stream it. 

  • 11 To watch previous seasons

    Online streaming allows people to watch all the seasons of the shows they're interested in, unlike TV that only shows a number of episodes or even one episode every week.