Why do people swear

  • 1 They are angry

    People can use swear words to release accumulated anger. Swearing can allow people to vent since it helps them express their anger and frustration. See why do people become angry.

  • 2 They are frustrated

    According to psychologists, swearing allows people to express their frustration. When a person gets very frustrated because of a certain problem, they might start swearing.

  • 3 They are hostile

    According to research, people who swear often score higher on the scale of hostility and dominance. A person who swears often is more likely to be hostile than the person who does not.

  • 4 They are extroverted

    According to research, those who swear often are considered more extroverted than those who swear less. See why are some people extroverts.

  • 5 To act tough

    Some people swear to act strong. Those people swear to give the indication that they are angry, strong or even hostile.

  • 6 To feel less pain

    According to a research, people felt less physical pain when they started swearing. This could mean that people swear to reduce the amount of emotional and physical pain they are experiencing.

  • 7 To express themselves

    Some people use swear words in order to add an emotional element to their statements. Those people use swearing as a method to express themselves.

  • 8 They are emotionally charged

    When a person gets emotionally charged, with positive or negative emotions, they might swear to release or express some of those emotions to others.

  • 9 To intimidate others

    Some people swear in order to intimidate others and scare them. A person could swear to scare a potential enemy.

  • 10 Expression of sexual frustration

    According to one theory, people use swear words related to sex in order to express sexual frustration. This happens indirectly, as the person hardly realizes why they are swearing.

  • 11 They are telling the truth

    According to one study, people who swear often might be telling the truth since the emotional component they add to their words reflects their honesty.

  • 12 They are affected by their environment

    People who live in hostile and unsafe environments, especially ones filled with gangs, for example, are more likely to pick up swear words and start using them as if it's normal talk.