Why do people text and drive

    Why do people text and drive

  • 1 They are impatient

    Impatience can motivate people to take actions that shouldn't be taken during a specific moment. An impatient person might feel like texting even if they are driving a car. See why some people are impatient.

  • 2 They are addicted to them

    If a person has developed an addiction to checking their phone over and over, they will do it anywhere even if they are driving. See also why smartphones are bad for society.

  • 3 They are very busy

    People who are too busy might try to complete some tasks on their phones while driving, hoping to save some time. Type A personalities are very likely to text and drive since they are always busy.

  • 4 They are bored

    Boredom can motivate people to check their phones. According to psychologists, dopamine, the reward related chemical in the brain, gets released when a person checks their phones. Dopamine can make the person feel excited and thus can help reduce boredom.

  • 5 No strict traffic rules

    People are more likely to check their phones and to text while driving if there are no strict rules regarding the use of mobile phones while driving.

  • 6 They drive for long distances

    People who drive or long distances or those who get stuck in traffic jams are more likely to check their phones in the car and so text while driving.

  • 7 They don't like phone calls

    Some people prefer texting or voice messages over phone calls. Those people are very likely to respond to others using texts instead of calling them. See why some people prefer texting over phone calls.

  • 8 They can't see the risk

    People can text and drive when they can't see the real risk behind that behavior. This is why campaigns that show the dangers of texting and driving can help people reduce that behavior.

  • 9 Texts cause a dopamine rush

    According to psychologists, the chemical dopamine gets released when we receive a text from an unknown person. Under the effect of this chemical, many people check their phones while driving and so they feel compelled to respond.

  • 10 It's a reflex action

    According to some psychologists, checking the phone once it beeps has became more a of a reflex action that happens on the subconscious level. This is why so many people might find it hard not to check their phones when they beep.

  • 11 They worry about missing something

    According to a survey, 28% of the people who text and drive said that they were worried about missing something. Constant worrying can motivate people to check their phones as soon as they get a notification. See why cellphones are harmful

  • 12 They don't think it affects performance

    According to a survey, 25% of the people who text and drive didn't believe that their driving performance could be impacted by texting.

  • 13 To stay connected

    Many people fear being disconnected from others for a long period of time. Those people are very likely to text and drive, especially when they drive for long periods of time.