Why do people touch their face while speaking

  • 1 Touching the nose means that something negative happened

    When a person believes that something negative happened, the blood capillaries in his nose dilate and give him an itching feeling. If a person hears or says a negative thing or sees something he didn't like, he might feel like touching his nose.

  • 2 Touching the eyebrows means that something positive happened

    When a person finds that something positive happened or when he hears a positive comment, he might feel like touching his brows. They typical won't usually notice any connection as those gestures are triggered by the subconscious mind.

  • 3 Touching the ears mean that something negative was heard

    If a person hears a negative phrase or if he says something that doesn't appeal to him, he might feel like touching his ear.

  • 4 Touching the chin shows that a person is thinking

    When a person starts thinking about a topic deeply he might feel like stroking his chin. People can also touch their chins when they analyze something or evaluate it.

  • 5 Rubbing the eyes means that something negative was seen

    If a person sees something negative or if he visualizes a negative scenario, he might feel like rubbing one or both of his eyes.

  • 6 People sometimes touch their noses or ears when they lie

    If a person doesn't like the fact that he is telling a lie, he might either touch his nose or ear while telling the lie.

  • 7 Itching for other reasons

    A person can get an itching feeling for any other reason that is not psychological.

  • 8 Rubbing the face can indicate frustration

    A person can feel like rubbing his face or the back of his neck with his palms if he feels frustrated.

  • 9 Touching the forehead near the brows can be a positive sign

    A person can feel like scratching the area of his forehead near his eyebrows if he believes that something positive has happened.

  • 10 Stroking the lips can show that a person is thinking

    When a person thinks about a topic or evaluates something, he might feel like touching his lips or stroking them.

  • 11 Scratching the top of the head indicates confusion

    If a person feels confused or if he receives too much information that he couldn't handle, he might feel like scratching the top of his head.