20 Reasons people uninstall apps

    20 Reasons people uninstall apps

  • 1 To free some memory

    When people find their phones slow or running out of memory they might uninstall all apps that take a large storage space especially the ones they don't use often.

  • 2 Frustration

    Mobile users are very impatient. If the app frustrates the user in any way (by lagging often for example) then the person might uninstall it.

  • 3 There is no strong need for the service

    People hardly uninstall the apps they strongly need such as Facebook or WhatsApp. When a person finds that he doesn't use the app that much or that he doesn't really need it he usually uninstalls it.

  • 4 Lost its relevance

    A person can use an app a for few days then uninstall it when it loses its relevance. A user can download an app that manages his time then after a few days he discovers that he can do that on his own without an app.

  • 5 Too many notifications

    Apps that annoy users by sending too many notifications can get uninstalled if they aren't strongly needed.

  • 6 Uninstall frenzy

    When a user removes an app or two he gets into an uninstall frenzy mood where he usually removes all the apps he doesn't use often or the ones that annoy him.

  • 7 Uses too much data

    A user can uninstall an App when it uses too much data. People who have limited data plans usually remove all data intensive Apps unless they are strongly needed.

  • 8 Long signup forms

    Because most App users are very impatient they can hardly fill long forms. If the App asks for too much information and if the sign up process isn't smooth enough then it can get uninstalled before it's even used (See why we want everything fast).

  • 9 Found a better app

    If a person finds a better app to do the same function then he will uninstall the one he doesn't use often.

  • 10 The app is addictive

    When a user wastes so much time on an app he might feel guilty and delete it as a result (See what makes a game addictive).

  • 11 Too many updates

    If the app requires so many updates to keep working then a person might get frustrated and uninstall the app to find one that works without requiring such updates.

  • 12 Device compatibility (Android)

    Because Android is installed on different hardware sometimes some compatibility issues happen with some Apps. If the App isn't fully compatible with a device then it will get uninstalled.

  • 13 Didn't deliver its promises

    If an app doesn't deliver its promises then the user might get annoyed and uninstall it.

  • 14 Privacy concerns

    People can uninstall an App when it invades their privacy, collects more than needed information or even collects information without notifying them (See why do people care about privacy).

  • 15 High battery consumption

    When a user finds that an app drains the battery he might uninstall it if it isn't really needed.

  • 16 The app crashes or freezes the phone

    If the app crashes often or freezes the phone then the user might get frustrated. This frustration can lead to uninstalling the app.

  • 17 Too many ads

    People can get annoyed or frustrated by an app if it has a very large number of Ads. A person can uninstall an app that has too many ads to get one that has less ads (See also why Ads might be bad for your website).

  • 18 To prevent distraction

    Students can delete some apps right before exams to prevent distraction. This is very likely to happen with game apps.

  • 19 Stopped using it

    When a user stops using an app he usually uninstalls it when he gets a reminder. If there is no compelling need to keep the app then it gets uninstalled.

  • 20 Loss of interest

    People can be very moody. A person can install an app, a game for example, enjoy playing it for sometime then suddenly lose interest and uninstall it.