Why do people use emojis

    Why do people use emojis

  • 1 To soften remarks

    People might use emojis to soften the meaning of a certain remark or a comment they made. A person can make a critical comment, for example, then use emojis to make it seem much lighter.

  • 2 To seem friendly

    People might use emojis to seem more friendly while chatting with others, as people can't see each other's faces inside a chat window. In such a case, the words might be understood in a different way if emojis are not used. 

  • 3 To express themselves better

    Some people use emojis in order to express their emotions in a better way. The emojis in such a case compensate for the fact that chatting makes people's emotions unclear. See also why Memes are so popular.

  • 4 They are emotionally expressive

    Emotionally expressive  people are more likely to use emojis while chatting to better express themselves. People who are not emotionally expressive in real life might use less emojis while chatting.

  • 5 To highlight their jokes

    People use emojis to make it clear when they are joking. In such a case, the purpose of the emojis is to make their words sound less serious.

  • 6 They can't find the right words

    People can use emojis when they fail to find the right words to say. In such a case, the emojis can communicate their feelings or reflect the fact that they are stuck.

  • 7 To end the conversation

    Some people use emojis such as smiles or thumbs up to mark the end of a conversation. In many cases, this can be a polite way of ending the talk with someone. See why some people prefer texting over phone calls.

  • 8 To replace certain words

    Many people use emojis to replace certain words. Emojis are becoming an integral part of the language of many people. Instead of typing 'lol', for example, a person might use a laughing emoji.

  • 9 To increase social intimacy

    People might use emojis to increase social intimacy with the ones they are talking to. People are more likely to use emojis in casual conversations.

  • 10 They are friendly people

    Friendly people are more likely to use emojis than less friendly ones. Friendly people might use emojis when talking to acquaintances.

  • 11 They are easily available

    Most chatting programs and apps give very easy access to emojis. The fact that it's easy to use emojis resulted in their widespread use among people.

  • 12 To type less

    Humans are lazy beings. We always look for the easy path that allows us to save more energy. This natural laziness motivates many of us to use emojis instead of some words whenever possible.

  • 13 They think more about sex

    According to a poll by Match.com, people who use emojis think more about sex than those who don't use them. This could also mean that those people are more sexually active.