Why do people use Slack for work

  • 1 It is organized

    One of the benefits of using Slack for your work is that it's organized and you can never lose something in it. 

  • 2 You can create channels and teams for every divison

    Slack allows you to create as many channels and teams as you like, which is helpful when you want to have each department or division of your company on the application. 

  • 3 You can track files easily

    Tracking files and documents on Slack can be easily done, which is helpful when you want to go back to them later on. 

  • 4 It has reminders

    One of Slack's features is setting a reminder for a specific task at a specific time to make sure you don't forget doing it. 

  • 5 You can reply in threads

    Slack is organized when it comes to chatting, as it allows users to reply in threads to make sure that they can go back to it any time. 

  • 6 It allows the whole team to know each other

    Slack helps teams get to know each other by providing them with a space to talk and communicate freely.  

  • 7 It allows integrations

    One of the good things about Slack is its integrations. The app allows users to integrate it with several other apps according to their needs. 

  • 8 A better alternative for emails

    Slack is a better alternative for emails, as workers will not have to send unnecessary emails that can be communicated over the app.

  • 9 Searchable content

    Slack allows for customized, filtered and easy search when needed

  • 10 Easily accessible

    Slack comes as an Android and iOS app, and is available on the web and PC app. 

  • 11 Easily automates tasks

    Slack allows user to automate tasks that are repeated on a regular basis using bots, which saves time and increases efficiency.

  • 12 Customized notifications

    Slack allows users to customize the notifications they receive according to highlighted words and specific channels. It also gives the user the option to mute or snooze notifications.