Why do people use difficult signatures?

  • 1 To make them significant

    People use difficult signatures to make them look significant. Some people use their full names in their normal handwriting which doesn't show much of their personality.

  • 2 So they wouldn't be imitated

    Difficult signatures are developed so that they would be very difficult to be immitated. Most people go with complicated signatures so that they wouldn't be imitated.

  • 3 To be memorable for them

    People often choose the signatures that they know they can remember.

  • 4 To signify something

    Some signatures are more meaningful to the person. For examples, some lines tend to have meanings to the person when they are from the right to the left or the left to the write.

  • 5 So nobody would steal from them

    Some people use complex signatures so that no one would be able to write cheques in their names.

  • 6 To make them look fancy

    People who use difficult or complicated signatures try to make them look fancy and pretty.

  • 7 Because signatures are personal

    Signatures are very personal to the person because they train on it and take their time to develop it.

  • 8 They have multiple signatures

    Some people have multiple signatures; especially famous people who sign autographs and bilingual people.