Why do people use e-Banking

  • 1 Ease of access

    The internet is easy to access through most electronical devices such as laptops, computers and mobile phones. Using banking information through the internet is easy and simple.

  • 2 Ease of management

    It is easy to manage your banking account through the internet with simple clicks of the button.

  • 3 Ability to control everything

    You can control the limits for your account through your e-banking account. You can control your transactions through it as well.

  • 4 Ability to set limits

    Setting limits to your credit cards and debit cards is easy through the e-banking websites.

  • 5 It's safe and secure

    The security measures for e-banking are set through high encryption protocols that disable hackers from being able to access your account.

  • 6 They purchase their goods online

    People who use online websites to purchase products often rely on e-banking services.

  • 7 They use online shops

    People who own online shops prefer being able to use their banking accounts online to able to send and receive money.

  • 8 It is a modern trend

    E-banking is a modern trend that has proven to be successful as of lately and continues to increase day by day which makes it attractive to people who don't even need it.

  • 9 To keep track of their money

    People use e-banking sevices to keep track of their transactions and to be able to monitor what they are spending and compare it to their income.