Why do people use nicknames

  • 1 Nicknames sometimes portray the personality

    Some people like to use nicknames because they represent their personalities better than their real names.

  • 2 They serve as a reminder

    People like nicknames because they serve as a reminder for something that happened to them or for their goals and dreams.

  • 3 Because they don't like their names

    Some people dislike their names so they use nicknames to serve as their names instead.

  • 4 They get used to them

    Some people get too used to their nicknames that they just go by them.

  • 5 Nicknames are cool

    Some people think of their nicknames as something that they find very cool. That's why some nicknames stick.

  • 6 They signify certain traits

    Certain traits are shown in the nicknames some people use.

  • 7 They use them as a joke

    Some people use nicknames that they were called by to be a joke.

  • 8 They make them seem more intimidating

    Some people, especially fighters, use nicknames to draw fear in the hearts of their opponents. An example of that is 'Iron' Mike Tyson and Anderson 'the Spider' Silva.

  • 9 To mark things

    People use nicknames to mark things, places or people with certain aspects they remember them with.

  • 10 To make fun of others

    Some people use nicknames to make fun of other people.