Why do people visit Hawaii

  • 1 The weather is good

    The weather in Hawaii is good during summer and winter. The temperature usually stays the same during the year despite dryness during the summer or the wet islands during winter.  

  • 2 People treat you with hospitality

    Tourism is a major industry in Hawaii, and the natives treat all tourists with hospitality. In addition, most people in Hawaii find it an obligation to promote the 'Aloha spirit' (welcoming spirit). 

  • 3 To explore their culture

    Hawaii is known for the diversity of its residence; many immigrants came from different countries to Hawaii bringing their cultures and habits with them.

  • 4 To explore their history

    History lovers enjoy exploring the major islands that have a huge history that dates back to 413 CE. 

  • 5 They love their beaches

    In Hawaii, there's a variety of beaches that range from white sand beaches, yellow sand beaches, red sand beaches and even one green beach.  

  • 6 To see the volcanoes

    A lot of islands in Hawaii were created by lava from the volcano touching the water of the ocean. On Kauai, tourists can take a helicopter tour to see the crater of Mt. Waialeale.    

  • 7 To dive in the ocean

    Hawaii has one of the best surfing spots and wind surfing in the world. It also has good scuba diving, latest craze and snorkeling. 

  • 8 To try their food

    For more than a a whole century, the food in Hawaii had diverse kinds of food that came from numerous cultures. Tourists go to try a variety of cuisines like Japanese, Filipino and Hawaiian 

  • 9 To go shopping

    Hawaii's Japanese visitors like to shop in high-end markets, specifically for brands such as Chanel, Yves saint Laurent, Hugo Boss and Tiffany and Co.

  • 10 To enjoy the scenery

    Hawaii has a variety of islands, and no island looks like the other there. Kaua'i, for instance, is green with good sea cliffs, while the big island has waterfalls and volcanoes.