Why do random people add you on Facebook

  • 1 They are spam bots

    Many spam bots on Facebook add people randomly in order to increase their reach and start advertising their spam links. It's believed that those bots are more likely to add people who have a large number of friends. See also why random people follow you on Instagram.

  • 2 You don't remember them but they do

    Sometimes people that you met once and can't remember add you on Facebook. You might think that they are random strangers while in fact they are people who already know you.

  • 3 They want more friends

    Some people add others randomly in order to increase the number of friends they have and to enhance their social connections. 

  • 4 You appear as a friend suggestion to them

    People are very likely to add some of those who show up as friend suggestions for them. If you always show up as a friend suggestions to someone then they might take the step and add you. See how Facebook friend suggestions work.

  • 5 They want to get to know you

    Some people still use Facebook to add new friends and to expand their social circle. Those people think that it's totally OK to add someone they don't know in order to get to know them.

  • 6 They like you

    If someone likes you, has a crush on you or is just interested in you then they might take the step and add you on Facebook. By doing so, those people hope to take the friend connection to a new level.

  • 7 They are trying to market something

    Some people create accounts for their brands then add people randomly in order to spread the word. Those people can also add others from their personal account in order to achieve the same goal. See also why some people don't accept friend requests.

  • 8 They want to reach someone else

    People sometimes add others on Facebook in order to increase the common friends between them and a third person that they are interested in. By doing so, those people hope to get noticed by that third person they are interested in.

  • 9 They want to stalk you

    Some people add others randomly on Facebook in order to stalk them. People might either be stalking others to collect information for themselves or they might be doing it to collect information for a friend.

  • 10 To make their fake account look authentic

    Some people create fake accounts to use them for certain purposes. Those people then decide to add random people to increase their number of friends in order to make the account look more authentic. See why some people create fake profiles.

  • 11 You have interesting posts

    If your profile is public then some people might add you if your posts are interesting. Those people might choose to add you in order to get updated with your posts.

  • 12 Your post became popular

    If you made a post that become a bit popular then the chance of getting random friend requests will increase. If many of your posts become popular then you might get many random friend requests.