Why do random people follow you on Instagram

    Why do random people follow you on Instagram

  • 1 They are looking for a follow back

    Some people follow others on Instagram in order to get followed back. Those people follow others randomly hoping to get followed back by them. See why do people follow then unfollow on Instagram.

  • 2 They found you through a hashtag

    Some people look for interesting posts by browsing the hashtags of Instagram. If those people found an interesting post, they might follow the person who made this post.

  • 3 They are trying to market their services

    Some people and brands follow others in order to market their services by making their accounts known to you. Even if they were not followed back, they can still take advantage of the brand awareness. See why Instagram is good for business.

  • 4 They are interested in you

    Instagram is a platform that allows people to be followed by friends and strangers. If a person found you interesting or if they found your posts interesting then they might follow you.

  • 5 Your posts get many likes

    If your posts get many likes then people might see them through the discover tab even if they were not following you. In such a case, they might become curious to check your posts and eventually follow you.

  • 6 You have common friends

    When people like your posts, their followers can see those posts in the notifications tab. This can lead to getting followed by people you don't know. See Why Instagram is so popular.

  • 7 It might be a bot

    On social networks, there are automatic bots that follow and unfollow people. Those bots could be doing this for spam or information collection purposes.

  • 8 They want to see your pictures

    Instagram is all about visuals. Sometimes people follow others just to see their pictures or stay updated with their new pictures.

  • 9 Your account is not private

    On Instagram, you can prevent people from following you unless you authorize their request. If your account is public, any person can follow you without your permission.