Why do some Muslims kill non Muslims

    Why do some Muslims kill non Muslims

  • 1 Incorrect understanding of Islam

    Radical Muslims usually have an incorrect understanding of Islam. They mistakenly believe they are allowed to kill non Muslims. See what Islam says about killing people.

  • 2 Incorrect interpretation of Quran

    Radical Muslims incorrectly interpret verses of Quran that talk about defending ones self during war then mistakenly assume that those verses orders them ti kill non Muslims. 

  • 3 Following the lead of radical Islamists

    Muslims who follow the lead of radical Islamist groups such as ISIS mistakenly believe that those groups are following the world of God. See how ISIS was formed.

  • 4 Using Islam as an excuse

    Some people claim to follow Islam in order to reach the goal of killing certain people they want to get rid of. Those people follow a perverted interpretation of the words of the Quran in order to achieve their own goals.

  • 5 The media is focused on Muslims

    Terrorist from all backgrounds and religions kill people. The media is overly focused on events that include Muslim terrorists.

  • 6 Poor religious education

    Understanding Quran  , Muslim's holy book, requires a certain level of knowledge along with guidance from an educated scholar. People who don't get proper religious education might turn into radical Islamists.

  • 7 To give Muslims bad reputation

    Many terrorist groups who claim to be Muslims kill in the name of Islam because they have the goal of making Muslims look like terrorists.