Why do some churches allow gay marriage

    Why do some churches allow gay marriage

  • 1 Different interpretation of the Bible

    Some churches believe that the clobber passages, the passages that raise the debate about homosexuality in Christianity, are actually referring to other sins and not to the sin of homosexuality.

  • 2 Some consider it a good long term relationship

    Some churches assume that homosexual marriages are a good thing as long as they are long term relationships. Those who adopt that view consider it a normal type of marriage. 

  • 3 Not to offend the LGBT community

    Some people suggested, on a Quora thread, that some churches do that not to offend the LGBT community and to keep them connected to the church.

  • 4 Homosexual persons are children of God

    According to the 1976 convention by the Episcopal Church in the USA, homosexual persons were considered children of God who have equal rights.

  • 5 Some churches account for cultural changes

    Some churches believe that the Bible shouldn't be taken literally because of cultural changes. Those Churches believe that the Bible should be interpreted in a different way to suit modern life.

  • 6 Believing that translations weren't accurate

    Some churches believe that Bible translations weren't accurate enough to give proper meanings. Those churches believe that scriptures originally didn't oppose homosexuality.

  • 7 To support the state law

    Some churches were forced to accept homosexual marriages, or agreed intentionally, to support the state laws. This is one reason why some churches allow divorce.

  • 8 The support of some Christians

    Some Churches had to adapt to the wide support given to homosexual members by some of its Christian members. 

  • 9 They believe hate is against the teachings of Jesus

    Some churches believe that hating homosexuals because of their acts is against the core Christian beliefs. This is why those churches allow homosexual marriages.