Why do some intelligent people fail to achieve their potential

    Why do some intelligent people fail to achieve their potential

  • 1 One shot usually wastes years

    A successful person can attempt to start a business only to find that it wont work and after wasting years working on it. Most businesses fail and most attempts can take up more than 1 year. A smart person can fail many times while a less smart person can get it from the first time.

  • 2 A smart person can be very ambitious

    The more ambitious a person is the more likely he is to be unsatisfied with his progress. While people might think of a smart person as successful, he could see himself as a failure or a total loser (See Where does ambition come from).

  • 3 Being born in the wrong time

    Had Mark zuckerberg been born before the internet age the possibility that he would have become a billionaire would have been very slim. The fact that he was at the right place at the right time helped him become extremely successful (See how mark Zuckerberg started Facebook).

  • 4 Because the world isn't linear

    Because the world we live in has so many variables that are out of our control, results can't always be guaranteed. A smart person might do his part extremely well, but the fact that some elements are totally beyond his control can render his efforts useless.

  • 5 The right thing in the wrong time

    Some ideas fail simply because they were ahead of their time. The first attempt to create a device similar to the iPad was done years before the iPad was even created. The fact that the right idea has to come at the right time is one of the factors that can influence the probability success.

  • 6 Unexpected competition

    A smart person can come up with a brilliant idea but before it picks up a very large competitor can enter the market and force him out. A smart idea could fail because it was executed a bit late.

  • 7 Meeting the wrong people

    A smart person can become extremely successful if he meets the right people at the right time. Steve jobs met Woz at the right time and that's why they managed to start Apple. A smart person could meet the wrong people and so fail to become successful.

  • 8 The illusion of control

    Most people have an illusionary sense of being fully in control while that's totally incorrect. A very smart person can get rejected in a job interview just because the interviewer felt threatened by him or because he reminded the interviewer of a person he dislikes.

  • 9 Wasting years because of a wrong decision

    The wrong decision can cost a smart person years. For example a person could go for a certain career only to discover years later that it can't help him reach any of his goals. A smart person could easily lag behind his peers because of making one of those wrong decisions.

  • 10 Not finding his passion

    One of the most important factors needed for success is passion. A smart person might not be able to find his passion quick enough and as a result he might lag behind his less smart friends (See how to find your passion).

  • 11 Impatience

    Many smart people don't have the necessary amount of patience needed to achieve their important goals. A person can be very smart but can chose to give up because he is unable to wait any longer (See why are some people impatient).

  • 12 A person needs more than intelligence to succeed

    In order for a person to succeed in the real world he needs to have many traits, apart from intelligence. Perseverance, ambition and dedication are some of the traits needed for a person to become successful.