Why do some men hate taking selfies

    Why do some men hate taking selfies

  • 1 They think it's for women

    Some men don't like taking selfies because they think it's a trend aimed for women. 

  • 2 They think it's not manly

    Some men believe selfies are feminine and that a man shouldn't take them if they are manly enough. 

  • 3 They don't like taking pictures

    Some men just don't like taking pictures in general, which includes selfies. See Why do some people hate to appear in pictures

  • 4 They have low self-esteem

    Some men don't like taking pictures in general or selfies because they have low self-esteem and might not be comfortable with the way they look

  • 5 They don't like trends

    Some men are against following popular trends and taking part in them and taking selfies has been a trend for a long time now. 

  • 6 They think it's embarrassing

    Some men think taking selfies is an embarrassing action and shouldn't be done in public or infront of people. 

  • 7 They don't see the point behind it

    Some men may think taking selfies is unnecessary when someone else could just photograph them. See Why do people take selfies

  • 8 They don't want them to be posted on social media

    Some men refuse to take selfies because they don't want them to end on their social media accounts. 

  • 9 They think it's for attention seeking

    Some men believe taking selfies is just a cry for attention that they don't want to be part of. 

  • 10 They think it's for superficial people

    Some men believe selfies are only for superficial people who just want to show off their looks. 

  • 11 It makes them feel uncomfortable

    Some people, including men, might feel uncomfortable while taking a selfie since they can clearly see themselves in the screen while taking it.

  • 12 They have nowhere to post it

    Some men don't like taking selfies as they don't update their pictures on social media regularly and so it's no use taking them.