Why do some parents homeschool their kids

  • 1 It gives the kids a better education

    Some parents believe homeschooling their children will give their children a better education that is more efficient than the ones given in schools. 

  • 2 It provides a faster education

    Since the focus is on one child at a time, the process of learning will be faster and the child can move from one topic to another quickly when they grasp it. 

  • 3 It's safer

    Some parents prefer to homeschool their children because it's safer than sending them to schools where they can be subjected to bullying and other kinds of violence. See Why do some students drop out of school

  • 4 It's cheaper

    Getting an education in some countries can be very expensive, which is why some people choose to homeschool their children. 

  • 5 They don't have enough means

    Some families may not have enough money to send their children to school. Therefore, instead of depriving them of an education, they homeschool them. 

  • 6 They want to be in control

    Some parents want to be in control of what their children are taught so they choose to teach them themselves. 

  • 7 Hearing about bad events

    Some parents choose to homeschool their children after hearing about bad incidents that sometimes happen in schools such as abuse or sexual violations. 

  • 8 They are constantly on the move

    Some families keep traveling from one place to another due to work or other circumstances. In this case, they choose to homsechool their children instead of constantly enrolling them in new schools. 

  • 9 They have an illness

    Some parents prefer to homeschool their children if they suffer from a mental or physical illness. 

  • 10 They are religious

    In some cases, religious parents choose to homeschool their kids if they want them to stay away from overly-liberal schools. 

  • 11 They have other commitments

    In some cases, athletic kids or those involved in artistic careers may have busy schedules and can't go to school at fixed hours so they get an education at home instead. 

  • 12 To spend more quality time with them

    Some families prefer to homeschool their children so they have more family quality time with each other.