Why do some people always smell bad

  • 1 They have bad personal hygiene

    If a person has bad personal hygiene, they are more likely to have bad body odor almost all the time. 

  • 2 They sweat a lot

    Some people sweat more than others, which usually has a bad smell. 

  • 3 They wear the same clothes often

    If a person doesn't change and wash their clothes often, they will have a bad smell. 

  • 4 The fabric they're wearing

    Some fabrics increase and worsen the smell of sweat, which could be one reason behind some people's constant bad smell.

  • 5 Due to their diet

    Some foods worsen the smell of sweat and make some people smell very badly such as garlic, onions and spicy food. 

  • 6 They're constantly on the move

    People who have active routines that require them to do a lot of grunt work may smell worse than others. 

  • 7 They have a health condition

    Some health conditions can result in a bad body odor such as being overweight and having diabetes. 

  • 8 They don't use perfume or deodorant

    Some people prefer not to use perfumes or deodorants, which often results in bad body odor. 

  • 9 They live in an unclean environment

    If a person lives in an unclean environment, it is very likely that their bodies will smell like it. 

  • 10 They live in a hot climate

    In areas where the climate is hot most of the time, it may result in some people having a bad smell due to sweating all day. 

  • 11 Due to underarm hair

    Underarm hair worsens the smell of sweat in most cases. Periodically removing or trimming it can help the problem. 

  • 12 They have more bacteria on their skin

    Some people have more bacteria on their skin which worsens the smell of sweat.