Why do some people believe in ghosts

    Why do some people believe in ghosts

  • 1 Because humans always want an explanation

    The human mind can hardly remain calm without an explanation. People quickly attribute the things they don't understand to certain factors such as ghosts and spirits. Once the person attributes a strange event to a ghost his mind can feel calm (See also why we become curious).

  • 2 Projection of other fears

    If a person's life is full of fear, insecurity and anxiety then his mind might project those fears on a physical object in order to help that person release some of those fears. The fear of ghosts can be the mind's fear of releasing intense fear of the future.

  • 3 To feel superior

    All humans strive to feel superior but some take socially useless paths such as becoming serial killers. A person can get delusions of seeing ghosts and talking to them to feel superior to other people, improve his self esteem or believe that he is different.

  • 4 Insecurity can turn into fear of ghosts

    A woman who feels insecure after losing her husband might start believing in ghosts and being unable to sleep at night. The insecurities this woman suffers from as a result of the loss of the source of protection turns into fear of ghosts.

  • 5 Fear of death

    A person might believe in Ghosts to unconsciously prove to himself that there is life after death. Because the person is too afraid to die he might start believing in ghosts in order to support his theory about after life.

  • 6 Their minds want to achieve certain goal

    Sometimes the subconscious mind of a person has its own agenda. If the subconscious mind wanted to keep a person away from a certain place or wanted him to stay closer to someone then it might use the idea of ghosts to achieve that goal.

  • 7 Religious reasons

    Some Christians and Jews believe that spirits haunt the human body and live in them. As a result some of them believe in ghosts. Muslims do believe in Jinn which are ghost like creatures. Some Muslims believe Jinn can appear to humans.

  • 8 The media enforces those beliefs

    One Side of the problem is the media. Because movies about ghosts and spirits are very popular the mind is given the chance to believe in them. As soon as the person psychologically needs to believe in ghosts the media supports his belief and makes it stronger.

  • 9 Because they can't be proven wrong

    Most beliefs about ghosts and spirits can't be proven wrong because of the lack of proper scientific evidence. While science can help defy the beliefs in certain cases in other cases it can't.

  • 10 They are unable to confront certain fears

    When a person is unable to confront certain fears then those fears might be projected on ghosts. A teen who is too afraid to face life alone might believe in Ghosts and so find a good excuse not to move out of his parents house.

  • 11 Because people who believe in them will always find evidence

    Studies have shown that the human brain works on proving a person's beliefs right even if that happened by collecting false evidence. A person who believes in ghosts will very likely come across some false evidences that proves proves his beliefs right.

  • 12 Cultural reasons

    Some people believe in ghosts because of their cultural beliefs. Some nations, communities, sects and tribes believe in the existence of ghosts.

  • 13 To support their beliefs

    People can believe in something to support an already existing belief. A person who believes in the afterlife for example might believe in ghosts as well.