Why do some people exercise in the morning

  • 1 They are energetic

    People who exercise in the morning are usually energetic and like to start their day with a boost that will push them throughout the day. 

  • 2 They are morning people

    Morning people like to get things done in the morning, which is why some of them prefer to exercise or go to the gym before starting their day. See What are the benefits of being a morning person

  • 3 They want to save time

    Working out or exercising in the morning saves you time during the rest of the day, as it becomes part of a daily routine. 

  • 4 They don't want to get lazy

    Some people prefer to exercise in the morning to avoid getting lazy after a long day and skipping the exercise. 

  • 5 There are less distractions

    Some people like exercising in the morning as there are less distractions that can get in the way of their work out. 

  • 6 It burns more calories

    Some people believe that exercising in the morning burns more calories, as it raises their metabolic rate during the rest of the day.

  • 7 It improves their mood

    The sense of accomplishment that follows a good morning work out improves people's mood, in addition to the release of endorphins, the feel-good hormones, that carries them the rest of the day. See What hormones are released during exercise

  • 8 It develops self-discipline

    Regularly exercising requires strong self-discipline, especially if it's done in the morning since it requires more will-power. This provides people with a sense of self-discipline and strong will-power. 

  • 9 It leads to better sleep

    A study has shown that people who exercised at 7 am slept longer and deeper than people who exercised at 1 pm or 7 pm. 

  • 10 It regulates the appetite

    Some people find that starting their day with exercising regulates their appetite and allows them to make better and healthier food choices. 

  • 11 It lowers blood pressure

    A study found that those who exercise in the early morning experience reduced blood pressure during the rest of the day as opposed to those who worked out in the afternoon or evening. 

  • 12 It's a healthy habit

    Some people adopt the habit of exercising in the morning as they find it healthy for their mental and physical health. See Reasons some people are addicted to exercise

  • 13 The gym is emtpy

    Some people like to go to the gym in the morning so that they do not find the gym crowded. Many people prefer not to exercise in the early morning and as a result the gym can be empty during that time.