Why do some people fail to grow muscles

    Why do some people fail to grow muscles

  • 1 No heavy lifting

    Muscles can hardly be formed unless the muscle fibers experience minor tears. These tears get repaired by the body in a better way and so the muscle grows. Heavy lifting causes these tears.

  • 2 They over-train

    Over-training prevents the body from repairing the damaged muscle fibers. As the body tries to repair these fibers more ones get damaged as a result of over training. See why are some people addicted to exercise.

  • 3 No proper diet

    Muscles can't be built properly without a diet that is high in protein and that contains enough carbs in addition to the right amount of all other nutrients.

  • 4 They spend a lot of time at the gym

    Training for long periods of time can result in breaking down muscles as the body tries to find a quick source of nutrition to face the shortage of supply. An exercise session that is below one hour is ideal. 

  • 5 Too much cardio

    Cardio can prevent the body from recovering properly, and as a result, can hinder muscle growth. If a person does too much cardio then his muscles will hardly grow.

  • 6 Expecting quick results

    Body building requires time and the time needed to form muscles differ from a person to another. People who expect quick results usually end up believing that they can't build muscles.

  • 7 Low testosterone

    People who have a low level of testosterone can have trouble building muscles. See how to tell if a man has high testosterone.

  • 8 Stressful life

    Stress results in the breaking down of muscles. If a person is going through a very stressful phase in his life then he might not be able to build muscles properly.

  • 9 Bad sleeping habits

    Muscle growth happens while the person is asleep. If a person has bad sleeping habits or doesn't get enough sleep then he might have a hard time building muscles. See how to sleep well.

  • 10 They are ectomorphs

    Ectomorphs, or naturally slim people, have a special body type that requires sticking to certain rules in order for their muscles to grow. If an ectomorphs trains like everybody else he might not grow muscles. See how can an Ectomorph gain muscle.

  • 11 Improper lifting form

    When a person lifts weights incorrectly he might fail to target the right muscle groups, and as a result, might fail to build muscles.

  • 12 Shredding while growing

    It's very hard for a person to gain muscles while losing fat. People who try to achieve both goals at the same time can have a hard time growing muscles.